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Different types of a cartoon – There are five kinds of cartoon drawings. These are cartoons, Comic Strip, Animated, Editorial, and Gag. The types Each have their uses that are different in the area of communication. Cartooning is a powerful illustration tool which Graphic artists, in addition to fashion designers, can use in the design of visual communication products such as magazines, posters, billboards etc..

‘Gag’ – literally means a ‘joke’. Gag cartoons are usually animation that’s used to make fun. Humor is created by them. They’re used as a way of entertainment. They are utilized to emphasize and poke fun at mistakes or the faults of people. A caption which might be the words of a person may accompany the cartoons.

Comic strip Animations – This sort of animation appears with established or known characters in papers. Tell or they’re portrayed to illustrate a story. Each strip includes a set of panels with figures encased in a balloon’s words. They’re published in a couple of pages.

Animated cartoons (Cartoon) – This is a brief, computer drawn on. They’re made to produce the illusion of motion and action. They are produced on displays and are used for cinematography. Each drawing at a panel is designed to differ from the one before it to depict the idea of movement to make animation.

Illustrative cartoons – Cartoons portray ideas in a way that is simple and direct. They help in describing teaching aids, stories or advertisements. The text which accompanies them is explained further by them. Books used in schools have cartoons that help in explaining content or the subject. The animation below is a cartoon.

Allergic Animations – Such an animation was created for the paper book. They look about the page as drawings that are utilized to throw light onto the newspaper’s comment. They can appear with or without captions. Lots of editorial animations referred to as caricatures poke fun at celebrities such like musicians, politicians, etc.. A caricature is actually an animation drawing of somebody who exaggerates conduct or their physical appearance in a manner to generate pleasure.