Is you’re an artist from the art community irrespective of respectability, degrees or training. It’s your urge to express yourself that make you an artist and your energy. Do not be discouraged and someone will take note! There are people who think an artist is educated in established and history, technique methods. A BFA or an MFA is a necessity for museums or gallery owners to think about reviewing your art. Who are what person of significance can vouch for your gift is what you will encounter. I am not saying that all museums or galleries are restrictive, however, should you not have instruction, it’s more likely you will discover resistance. If an artist is backed by a patron this criterion adjusts.

If a single person of significance may appreciate creation and your vision, you stand a much better chance of being viewed by a larger audience. A precedent is Vincent Van Gogh, for the talent. He was, although he attended an art academy in Brussels. Vincent settled on his own vision, which was ridiculed by the art community, and finally traded techniques with other artists of the time. Another artist, Eugene Boudin chose a painter’s life on a business. Boudin created paintings of his surroundings, artists that came before him experienced and motivated life.

As an artist, I’ve asked myself this question many times. Does an artist is made by an MFA or a BFA? Is an artist made by years of research in history and technique? Does life experience, gift, trial, and error make an artist? It might be a combination of all of these variables or just the desire to create.
I do not think I am the only one as I am not a trained artist this reality may color my view of this art industry, however. Any artist will tell you just how hard it is to find your tribe (people who love your work) however, the market for original artwork is much more available now than previously. Getting it is the part that is hard. Somehow the artist that is unrepresented is.

I don’t feel a BFA or MFA trumps expression. Then that heart will show through if it’s in your heart to make and it will be responded to by others if they could see it. Personally, I do not create solely for the purpose of selling or works to impress, I value the outcome and the process.