Visual Art and Communication

Such a person has to be able to combine the knowledge gained to stick out in his career although there are lots of disciplines that are shaped into various professions any profession to the fullest. It follows that knowledge itself is a pyramid. Staying at a pyramid’s bottom limits the versatility …

The Art of Working Smart

I hear this statement all the time. And I guess it never occurred to me that I am doing exactly the opposite of “work smart”. I am over worked and though I am working from my home office, I have lost track of time. I barely have enough time for my family and for myself. Can’t even read a whole article of reviews for the best toaster oven 2017 for your home.

Having three jobs and just one help, I barely have 4 hours of sleep everyday. So this is abuse to my physical and mental well being. And I am awakening from what I am doing extremely wrong. I have to learn the art of working smart for a better lifestyle. Besides, isn’t it that art is supposed to be beneficial to the health?

How to Work Smarter Not Harder

What’s the first things I have to consider to have work-life balance?

1. Reduce expenses. I guess the main reason I am working three jobs everyday boils down to too much expenses. So here I am trying to jot down all the expenses that we are making in a month. Remove unnecessary expenses and live within important expenses such as bills, food, clothing, and education. But there are other considerations such as the insurances and loans. These are important expenses so I am including that in my list.

2. Reduce work load. I don’t want to let go my clients but definitely what I need is an extra hand. So I started posting help wanted in social media sites I can find. As I am on the low profile stage, I am not able to offer high pay, so I am going to offer the job to students who are dedicated and willing to learn for experience.

3. Have proper budgeting in place and strictly follow it. Now that I am reducing my workload, it is time to create a budget that should be strictly followed by the whole family. This includes no more eating out, cook food as much as possible, no to unnecessary expenses, and reduced use of power and others.

Other ways to work smart?

1. Get organized – There are many applications in the internet, free to use, to help you get organized. One of the most useful free to use appls are google documents, google calendar, and google notes. Check it out.

2. One touch approach – do, delegate, or delete. Check your to do list. Check the things that you can do and delegate tasks. If a task had been done – delete it. Note do tasks that requires your immediate attention or any tasks that are nearing its deadline. If the deadline is way ahead of time, these are the tasks that you want to delegate. If you have a tasks that takes most of your time and are just a copy and paste thing, doesn’t require any major decision making, you can also delegate these tasks.

3. Avoid time wasters. For many working at home, you are well aware that there are many distractions as much as there are distractions in a traditional office space. The top distracters are engaging in social media while working. So focus, gather your concentration and delegate a time to finish the work. You may want to check on the Promodoro technique. This is one of the best techniques you can adopt to become more productive.

3. Frequent mini breaks. Hey, let’s face it. We are just humans. An average individual cannot stand working in front of the monitor for more than 30mins so it is advisable to take mini frequent breaks. Stand up, stretch up, drink water, have coffee, use the toilet within those mini breaks. Breaks are considered mini if they are not more than 10minutes long.

4. Learn to say no. Wow! you’ve got more clients than before. Warning! Don’t accept too many clients than what you can handle. So learn how to say no. This helps you have time for future projects that are more important. So learning to say no comes with filtering clients too. Go ahead and accept clients that have a work within your area of expertise so that you can work without going through step 1 all over again. n

5. Ask for help. You don’t have to stress yourself too much, ask for help. When work is overwhelming, you know you needed helpo so reach out to someone else who can help you and for sure they will be willing to help you out especially when a small fee is involved.

Art is Beneficial to the Health

Whatever kind of fun art projects, or going towards the canvas and picking up the paintbrush you picked, is more than an exercise in aesthetics, but rather imparts health benefits.

The connection between health and art might appear vague at first, but if you examine the human individual holistically, among the first things that the discriminating eye will notice is that health is composed of more than just the correct functioning of various biological and physiological components. There are various elements to health that produce a healthy individual that is holistically.

Mind over matter

In case you’ve ever implemented a particularly excellent color passing on your artworks, or if you’ve ever left a figure in a satisfying way, and if in general you’ve been appreciating the arts, one of the impressions you receive from artistic endeavors isn’t just skills, but a feeling of satisfaction that reaches a mental level.

As an artist, include a diet or a keto diet plan to have a balanced meal in order for YOU, the artist, to have great health and will then have a more creative mind.

Studies these days are suggesting that has actual effects. Hormone is secreted by portions of the brain through art activities that foster health. Scientists consider these hormones hormones, and include:

Happy hormones

The effects of hormones include an increase in the operation of the system, in addition to improved blood circulation & sense perception. Additionally, it includes recreation.

In actuality, corporations and companies are starting to observe correlations between employees and performance that are healthy.


Artistic Choices

Doctors on the leading edge of these developments are including forms of diversion that is artistic to make certain that patients with health issues are able to deal with their ailments. One of the reasons is that, aside it’s also among the least straining activities that an invalid can appreciate. Other than that, fun art projects come in form allowing options for the patient. As an example, painting is one of the many endeavors that a person can indulge in, and there are choices and lots of sub-categories within the area of painting. You may test out water color painting painting, oil painting, and media.