The Artistic Ways of Art of Pattern Making


A pattern is a structured arrangement of those elements of style such as lines, dots, shapes, textures, colors surface with any proper method for decoration. Pattern making is an experimental procedure because the resultant designs can’t be called by the artist especially for beginners.

There are lots of methods in design making.


This method of pattern manufacturing entails using sponge as the main instrument for the invention of the routines. The sponge may be put or disperse on the cloth. The ink or paint is then dabbed with foam in the open regions of the sponge. The ink or paint may also be sprayed on material after placing the sponge. Another technique would be immersing the sponge in the ink or paint and rolling it on the paper or material to produce the patterns.


This kind of pattern making entails the use of paint in a liquid form by attaching the paint onto the surface of the substance to make interesting patterns. From time to time, the hints of brushes are filled with ink or colour along with the thumb is employed in splashing the color on the material like paper.


The spray may or container is full of different colored ink or pigments and can be sprayed on one at a time on the material in many ways to make interesting designs. Papers for composing calligraphy and other sorts of wall hangings are embellished with spray designs in types of colors.


This way of producing patterns entails the invention of random abstract outlines using a signaling tool, normally without lifting the drawing apparatus from this newspaper. The scribbles that are frequently created with different colored marking tools lead to eye-catching and appealing patterns on newspapers.

Paper Marbling

This is a procedure of aqueous surface layout employed in creating patterns. The patterns are the consequence of color generally, oil paint poured into float either the face of plain water or a viscous solution called size, then carefully moved to an absorbent surface, like newspaper or cloth. In addition, it can be utilized as designs on newspapers to be utilized in creating paper bags.