The Craft of Clay Jewelry

The very popular compound for creating clay artwork jewelry now is polymer clay. This flexible, durable modeling chemical isn’t really a clay in any way, but is made from plastic stuff. It will not dry out, staying pliable until you fix it in your house oven, making a durable, durable bit.

Durability of Clay

The durability of polymer clay, together with its ease of use, which makes it perfect for jewellery pieces. The huge selection of colours, finishes and textures available can even allow you to create clay bead bracelets and jewelry which look like rock, ceramic or glass. Below are a few strategies to help you started making beautiful polymer clay jewellery bits.

Just like the majority of modeling clays, polymer clay has to be worked and softened before you are able to use it. The simplest way to do this is by breaking off a little piece of clay and working it into your palms, since the warmth from your hands can help soften the clay.

Using Polymer Clay

For bigger amounts of clay, a few polymer clay artists decide to utilize a small food processor to chop and operate the clay to make it began. This saves some attempt, but remember that as soon as you’ve used the chip for clay, then it can not be utilized for meals . You ought to operate the polymer clay till it’s extremely pliable and soft.

Clay bead jewelry could be whimsical and vibrant, it could be subdued and complicated or it may be anything in between. The sky is your limit when you are creating beads out of polymer clay.

You might even create beads which are rather elaborate, including different colours, textures and shapes. To assist your beads maintain their shape whilst curing, it is possible to thread them on a skewer or thick cable, and put it over a baking sheet.

This is where your imagination can actually soar. There’s slightly more leeway with necklaces, since they may be bigger than diamonds, and are usually the focus of the jewelry piece. You can then cut out on your desired contours and decorate them as you desire.

Finished Craft or Jewelry Pieces

As soon as you’ve created pendants and beads out of polymer clay, then you’ll have to build them into completed pieces. There are assorted strings, strings, clasps and findings available at the regional craft shop, so you can turn your handmade clay pieces into exquisite necklaces, bracelets, earrings, key chains and much more.