The Making of Paper Mache

Should you use simple ingredients from the glue recipe, paper mache might be the cheapest sculptural medium it is possible to utilize. Paper mache could beconomical, but it is not only for children!

The Ingredients

White water and flour create a remarkably powerful paste. Actually, some people believe the material made by laminating paper with flour glue is powerful enough to build homes with. Obviously, your completed sculptures do not have to be powerful enough to maintain a home, but you’ll be delighted to know you could sand them drill them just like wood.

To compose the glue, simply pour a few white flour into a bowl and then add water slowly till you’ve got a consistency that can do the job nicely. How thick if you create your glue? It is really around you.

The Making

If you add a few layers of the glue into the exterior of your endeavors and sand between coats, then you may make an entirely smooth surface that’s ideal for finishing or painting. Along with the customary newsprint, you may even use brown Kraft paper out of paper bags, which will offer your sculpture a naturally warm colour if the item is left unpainted.

As soon as your paper mache sculpture is totally dry, it is possible to complete it with just about any kind of stain or paint. You might choose to give it a last coat of water-based verathane to safeguard it.