Transition from Visual Arts to Plastic Surgery

A perfectionist by nature believes in accuracy, beauty and innocence of expression.

Creating sculptures, drawings and paintings because junior college days, he’s in a continuous process of shaping his visual expressions.

“That I was not dependent on any inspiration or motivation to draw since early childhood. I’d draw the comprehensive graphics of auto rickshaws and trains on scale using chalk on the floor. At a later point, I started playing with different stuff on paper. I would paint from movies out of pharaohs, the individual pictures, ghosts, my entire life along with the characters. By dividing clay and wood making sculptures has been. I studied drawing as a subject till grade eight, my teachers indicated me to concentrate on Fine Arts but my family needed me to really go for some other specialized livelihood,” he recalls.

With outstanding academic performance he joined King Edward Medical College to study medicine.
“My teachers would love the body drawings and suggest me to combine National College of Arts, then that is the way I came to learn about the art institutions.”

After finishing the MBBS followed house job, he joined NCA and graduated in the field of miniature painting with differentiation from 2009. During the exact same year his portfolio and academic performance were recognized from the prestigious Shakir Ali celebrity.

He maintained performing commissioned works for private collectors and showing in group shows at various art galleries at Lahore.

He went back into medical profession after a moment,”I kept on switching, would like to practice the artwork and health care professions simultaneously but could not manage it so far. My chain of thought evolving sculptures and the visuals remains a continuous activity, although I’m making on and off artwork. I have plans to synthesize in the livelihood and create an art studio and gallery of my own.” he narrates. He is currently doing Master’s in Plastic Surgery. “I shall apply the art practice in plastic surgery and they link to each other. In doing plastic surgery (like in plastic surgeon Seattle), a refined sense of aesthetics and a solid understanding of body helps a wonderful deal.

“I’m currently working on reconstructive surgery, I enjoy surgery because of its rapid results when compared with medicine. It’s a financially rewarding discipline, but the most significant is the satisfaction a doctor feels in rehabilitating a person, facing with physical handicap, who’s breadwinner of his family,” he explained.

Unhappy using the monopolies, groupings and favoritism by art critics he’s a firm faith in his talent and abilities as a painter and sculptor. As opposed to following the market tendencies he prefer working together with his moods and inspiration.

He creates round sculptures and requires relief in employing additive and subtractive methods utilizing a variety of substances.

From abstract and surrealistic to realistic, he is proficient and flexible. Either it’s architectural arrangement, drapery, human animals or body he analyzes them in details. The study of anatomy as a doctor, and the representation of those topics like a miniature painter unite to create visuals. Working with a palette he favors secondary colors and assembles his paintings in several layers of paint mainly on low textured surfaces.