Visual Art and Communication

Such a person has to be able to combine the knowledge gained to stick out in his career although there are lots of disciplines that are shaped into various professions any profession to the fullest. It follows that knowledge itself is a pyramid. Staying at a pyramid’s bottom limits the versatility of the student in addition to the potentials. But those not those who have obtained PR training can better understand this relationship, but do things .

Art can be seen as a kind of expression which uses a medium to be able to foster communication for a planned change in environment, a system or society or any action.

The communication can be seen Between audience and the artist; and between the work of the viewer and art. The art can have different meanings. For example, I saw an art with a doctor and a surgery, it can show the importance of Bariatric Services or Health and Gut health.

Watch this:

The artist use the art work as a public relation tool in preaching morals or the values to happen. By way of instance, a poster design created by an artist to preach war’s ills will take advantage of motifs or images that trigger reflection on audience’s part. In resolving differences without letting them degenerate into full crisis, this may result in a change in mindset of the people. The role played by the art work which aids among competing groups in building peace is because of the communication that has occurred between the people and the artist using the artwork.

Certain thoughts run through their subconscious thoughts as one takes some time to check at a work of art; this makes the viewer experience the work than considering its aesthetics worth in addition to to comprehend.

The message that the artist had to pass around to the audience may not be always sustained by this kind of communication between the viewer and the art work, it’s wholly dependent on what the viewer knows about the job. This is less or more like an communication that’s prone to being misunderstood. Because, the outcome wasn’t achieved, in public relations, the feed back won’t be useful.

Public Relations on the other hand could be described as an art.

This involves communicating with all internal and external publics sustain a relationship that will make the organization meet the expectations and to reach her objectives in addition to so as to build. It follows that, for a company in achieving its set goals to be successful it has to be able to have a good relation team to handle its publics. A PR staff in any organization’s part is to suggest to the direction on communication channel’s type /strategy which will bring the desired effect in that organization. A change in any system is smoothen connection between this system and its various publics in addition to the kind that benefits the system.

In the community an artist could move around in art practice and watch in addition to interact with individuals in surroundings, to understand ideas or their feelings/views about the day’s government. This creates the artist armed with knowledge and ideas of things in the society to produce commentaries that touch on the of people in country or his/her locality. These are supposed to trigger a change.

Overall, the relationship of public relations practice and art training can’t be observed from the outside. The ground on is in the field of communication.